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April 5th, 2011 (08:26 pm)

Felt like drawing Akihiko and Minako...and apparently koi fish.

And more random drawing~

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(no subject)

April 3rd, 2011 (08:25 pm)

A very belated xmas gift for, CD. Very belated. Her characters Rusalka and Meaux.

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(no subject)

April 2nd, 2011 (10:05 pm)

So MS Paint decided to become awesome in Windows 7. 8D I couldn't help sketching with it. Then I wanted to practice painting (sorta) so I moved to Sai and Photoshop. I kept going back and forth. Still not sure which program I like painting with, though.

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(no subject)

March 25th, 2011 (08:13 pm)

This was supposed to be Minako from P3...but it looks nothing like her. So now it's a red and blue lady! 8D

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(no subject)

March 24th, 2011 (09:17 pm)

Got bored and decided to color one of my sketches. Trying to think more about color schemes.


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Finally Back!

March 21st, 2011 (10:13 pm)

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Yes back!! I know I was on an indefinite hiatus without saying anything, sorry about that. My laptop died back in January and I didn't get a new one til last Friday. Still getting used to Windows 7 and everything, but I'm really enjoying this so far.

I made A LOT of sketches since I updated last, over a hundred. I complied about half of them in a giant dump with another one on the way. It's just too many to update one at a time on LJ. ;~; Also, I plan on not putting the pictures under a cut anymore. When I look at some of my favorite sketchblogs, that's how they do it, and I noticed that it was a lot easier to just scroll through the drawings rather than click on separate links to view the stuff. If I decide I don't like it I can always switch back. 8D

I beat Persona 3 Portable while I was away and started playing it again as the female protagonist. It's totally like I'm playing the game for the first time all over again. I love it!! The day I got this laptop, I installed Sai and drew this pic. I kinda think the FeMC has more personality than the male. >.> Maybe it's cause I'm a girl too, Idk. But I like her, that much I know.

And another Minako..kinda. DX This one was waay quicker than the last one.

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Happy New Year

January 6th, 2011 (02:35 pm)

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Hey everyone~

Happy belated New Year!! Hope you guys had an awesome holiday . Well, now you guys get a massive update~ 8D

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So Much Nothing

December 16th, 2010 (02:23 am)

Woohooo~ Nothing too eventful ever happens when I'm back home. Seriously. Nothing. I spend a lot of time cruising DA and drawing. It's boring, but it's fun to just have some time off without the worry of due dates and big projects. The most that's happened is that after reading a journal by Brian O'Malley aka radiomaru (who's deactivated his DA account sadly) and receiving this reply, I finally got my ass in gear and started really working on my comic. No page as of yet, but I finally start working on the story instead of daydreaming about it while I'm driving somewhere...which probably isn't too safe in hindsight.

Also Styxtwig's made several drawings where he just drew for the sake of drawing, turned off the annoying voice in his head and just DREW. I figured if anyone needed to do that, it was me. And oh my God, is it liberating to do that. Just draw without that annoying voice telling you you suck every goddamn minute. I feel like I can breathe. I know sometimes that voice is a GOOD thing, but mine was just becoming a bitch. It got to the point where I would throw out drawings because of one or two anatomical errors.I needed to shut her up for a while. And I recommend everyone to try that if you're not already. Just DRAW!!

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December 6th, 2010 (08:41 pm)


Every time I'm away from school, I worry that my drawing is going to slow down. Which it usually does, but right now i'm too sketch-happy to care. Plus, I think being active on LJ keeps me from slowing down too much. I have several traditional sketches, but they're still bluelines. So they'd never show up on my scanner lol. I'll have those up next time.

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Break and Turkey Day

December 3rd, 2010 (08:06 pm)

Dear god, I got so consumed with school. I forgot I had LJ. DX Lot's has happened since my last entry. Well, maybe not lots, but what did happen was fucking exhausting. Fall quarter ended, with finals being hectic. For my final in Intro to Game Development, I had to do majority of the drawing for it. Mainly character designs, drawing about 6 or 7 illustrations for the game intro, and helping out in character animation. Which resulted in me spending majority of my time working on my gaming final and waiting til the last minute to work on my final for Materials and Techniques. Needless to say, my gaming project looked way better. You can see all the illustrations plus more here. I really don't feel like uploading every single image here. DX I counted; there's 35 drawings in that dump. That's too damn many. D8

Also, I did more drawing for my gaming class than I did for my sequential art class. How fucked up is that??

But good news is, the quarters over!! I finally have time to draw what I want to draw. And funny enough...what I want to draw are more character designs. D8 It's a good thing I enjoy making characters. For the time being though, I got myself to sit down and make a finished drawing, colors and all. Since I haven't done that in the longest time.

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